The Little Frog becomes the winner!

by Susan1 on July 9, 2019

  Elfy, the little elf was sitting at the edge of the stream watching it slowly running down towards the river. Everything was peaceful except for the croak, the sound the frog made as she hopped from one floating leaf to another leaf, while her babies had trouble keeping up with their mother. 

One little baby frog which seems to be smaller than all the other baby frogs, was really struggling to jump from one leaf to the next safe place. It had just managed to reach another floating leaf, but it was so slippery that it slowly lost its footing and slide off, it desperately tried to hang on to the edge of the leaf with half its body in the water.

It started to panic and called out to its mother, however, she was to busy finding food for the rest of the babies so she didn’t react to the little frogs crying.  From the shore Elfy had been watching the small baby frog thrash about,

and was now anxious to help it come up onto the leaf. Her wings began to quiver, she didn’t really want to interfere in the little frogs learning experience, but she couldn’t help herself, she just had to fly out and rescue the little helpless frog.

Elfy  landed behind the little frog and started to lift it up, but it was so slippery that the frog kept on sliding out of her hands, no matter how hard she tried. Then she thought of an idea. She dived down under the leaf and slightly tipped it, so that the little frog could   easily climb onto the leaf. Then when the frog was sitting safe on the leaf,  Elfy pulled the stem off and lifted the leaf out of the water and flew over to the mother frog and placed the little frog right next to her.

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