Jonny’s Christmas Story

by Susan1 on December 21, 2018

It was Christmas eve on the farm and the whole family was gathered around the table eating their delicious Xmas dinner. The table was decorated with a big white tablecloth and spread all over the table was little, Christmas faeries dressed in red pants, long red hats and jumpers, The atmosphere was electric, especially for little 5 year old Jonny, he thought it was the most exciting day of the year.

“Come on Jonny eat your dinner or Father Christmas may not bring you any presents tomorrow morning.” His Mum said.

Little Johnny looked over at the Christmas tree, he had never seen such a big Christmas tree before it was much bigger than his dad.

That can’t be true, Jonny thought, Father Christmas has brought  so many presents surly there must be one for me too. But, I’m just not hungry, and my stomach is hurting.

Everyone was helping to clear the table, and put all the food and dishes away. Then Jonny’s Dad went around and lit all the candles placed all over the room, because now it was time to dance around the Christmas Tree.

Everyone held each others hands as they formed a circle around the Christmas tree and began to sing Christmas carols. Little Johnny liked that and tried to sing along with the adults, even though he did not know all the words. But when he looked down on all the presents he couldn’t help wondering which one was for him and he felt a little twist in his stomach.

It was getting late and little Johnny was tired it had been a big day for him.

“I think we better get you to bed Johnny.” He didn’t complain, but followed his Mum into his bedroom and pretty soon he was laying in his bed and drifted into a deep sleep and started dreaming.

  Little Johnny felt as if he was floating as he sneaked up the ladder to the hayloft, because he was sure that was where Father Christmas was staying. And sure enough, there in the middle of the floor surrounded by hay bails, Father Christmas sat happily eating his rice porridge out of a big bowl with a large wooden spoon. Around him sat a circle of rats stirring at him, hoping to get the leftover.  Father Christmas didn’t like them sitting there so he started to swing his big wooden spoon around in the air threatening them as he yelled at them,

“If you don’t go away, I’ll get the cat to chase you.” That frightened them and they all disappeared into the hay.

Little Johnny woke up, it was dark in his room, but he could see some light shining through the door that was slightly open and now he could hear someone speak softly out in the passage. He sneaked out of bed and saw his Mum standing next to Father Christmas and she was pulled his long beard as she said, “ I can’t recognize you.”

     How can she not recognize Father Christmas?” Little Jonny shacked his head.

Then Father Christmas bend down and kissed his mum. Wow, she didn’t even get angry. “By gee, if Dad had seen that how he would have laughed.”

Little Jonny tiptoed back to bed and soon he was fast asleep again and drifted into another dream about the little Christmas elves.

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