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by Susan1 on November 6, 2016

Welcome to Susan Valentine’s Newsletter and thanks for subscribing.

This is my new book series ‘Louise – Finding Black Dane’ – In this thrilling story about 16 year old Louise who lives with her parents on their farm. Her Mom is expecting a baby and in great danger of loosing her life. Her Dad gets sick. Now it’s up to Louise to look after the farm. She has no money for food. The only way to get some is to sell Oscar their much loved bull on the market, but it hurts her and she struggles to pull it through the forest. A wild black stallion followed her and later helped her to chase away a  man who attacked Louise and threatened her, on her way home through the forest. It is only $0.99 for a short time so get it now.




Welcome to Susan Valentine’s Newsletter and thanks for subscribing. If you haven’t already done that missing-children-new-final-3dyou will find the form in the right sidebar.

I will only be sending a Newsletter out when I have something interesting to tell you.

At the moment I’m in the process of updating the second book of Susie’s Adventures. ‘Susan And The Missing Children’ and I have added a new cover on it.

When it is ready and published you will find a link on one of the first pages to the first Susie book which I’ll give away as a gift to all my subscribers.

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Susan Valentine

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